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Interactive Replicas at MCAH 2023

We have created a new edition of “Interactive Replicas” for the MCAH Cantonal Museum of Archaeology and History) in Lausanne as part of their new permanent exhibition.

How to create a tangible experience from digital replicas of fragile archeological objects ? Interactive Replicas allow visitors to discover archeology in an innovative way. Thanks to physical controllers, the public can interact on screen with the digitized piece, exploring it from every angle to reveal the details of its shape and texture. 

This new setup of Interactive Replicas immerses visitors in a large video projection. Unlike previous versions, generic controllers have been chosen to allow users to select one of the six objects, to navigate in 360° and to zoom in on their texture.

A game-based interface asks visitors questions, inviting them to search for a specific detail on the items. When they find it, a part of the object is highlighted along with the corresponding explanation.

The software and interface are developed to ensure that the museum can easily incorporate more objects and narrative content into its digital archive in the future.