Sound staircases


Musée MHNN

We were commissioned by the Musée d'Histoire Naturelle in Neuchâtel to create an interactive sound installation for their year-long exhibition about the North and South Poles entitled "Pôles, feu la glace". The installation takes place in a staircase of fifteen steps that opens the exhibition. A wooden plinth containing fifteen distance sensors and speakers is fixed on the lower part of the handrail.


Each step corresponds to an ice age, a long period of reduction in the temperature of the Earth's surface and atmosphere, from 750’000 BC (step 1) to today (step 15). When the visitors walk up the stairs, their feet trigger a different sound on each step. We also included a notion of randomness in the sounds which are played to offer the visitors a new experience each time they walk up the installation.

For the audio part, we worked with professional actors Simon La Barrière and Charlotte Riondel and music composer Bryan Bendahan to record different voices around the glossary of "warm" and "cold" to distinguish each ice age.



An aerial scenography presenting a collection of drones for the 50th anniversary of EPFL at the EPFL Pavilions

Black & Lights, an installation that follows your movement in order to highlight a painting by Pierre Soulages at the EPFL Pavilions