Carré Surprise



We worked with Pauline Saglio and Mathieu Rivier on the realization of five video animations for Hermès. The videos were integrated into “Carré Surprise”, an interactive installation they made which has been installed in the Hermès shop in Tokyo.

Pauline Saglio et Mathieu Rivier

This project aims to highlight the richness of Hermès' creative processes surrounding the world of silk. The spectator is invited to discover the different facets of this product through several playful experiences in store. A surprising encounter with the world of silk is offered as a journey through the main steps in the creation of the Hermès squares. This installation brings new perspectives on the traditional square Hermès which actually hides a large number of surprises. The customer is invited to discover them through several interactive steps



Finalist in a lighting, street furniture and digital design competition to equip the seven stations of the TL's new M3 metro in Lausanne.

A VR experience on extinct marine snails for artist Mari Bastashevski and ALICE EPFL